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E-Dare, developing for e-mobility
The ambition of E-Dare is to develop technical solutions for a broad range of expert fields in the e-mobility market. These fields are mainly focused on the electric driveline of full electrical vehicles or serial hybrid solotions. Beside the driveline we spend a lot of development in electrical wireing, battery solotions and management thereof, and system intergration. Due to the evolving micro controller expansion in automotive inviroments we spend a lot of time interating all the subsystems and do also all the programming thereof.

Bus systems in e-mobility
In these emerging markets it is of essential importance to have reliable products. The reliability of electrical vehicles depents mainly on the reliability of the electric and electronic components. The crucial binding factor is wireing. To reduce costs and contribute to the reliability it is advisable to use bus systems. With fewer connections a bus system uses, there is less chance of wire failure. The proven CAN bus technology with smart use thereof will help to achieve the level of reliability to give the customers a robust product.

Battery use in full ev vehicles
The use of batteries for transportation has advantages and disadvantages. The main disadvantages are range and price. The price of these batteries has only a big drawback because the limited charge cycles so you need to account this price into the km costs of a vehicle. It is expected that the number of cycles and capacity will increase and the price will relatively decrease. We have high hopes that nanotechnology will help in this process. If the capacity gets bigger the range will increase at lower costs.
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Electric leisure drive solutions
Te L7e vehicle project is on course and has already shown that the concept is working. We will see some nice results in the next phases.
In a joint effort with van Dongen engineering we develop a new type of battery management system that will intergrate each battery cell in the vehicle CAN bus. The main advantage is the well managed charging and discharging of these cells to ensure the best use of the available energy.
WSBO application
Battery management